Paige (wanda505) wrote in ink_blot_cafe,

I wrote this in my journal. It's being a poem was an accident.

Some poem ideas:
An orange poem.
A poem about the cnotents of my bag.
A poem using just one sencse.
A color poem using just one sense.
An in 10 years poem.
An in 25, 50, or 100 years poem.
An I am poem.
An I was or I wll be poem.
A love story poem.
A recipe poem.
A poem in somebody else's voice.
A poem about a poetry reading.
A poem about poetry writing.
A poem about the bear blanket.
A poem about things that are familiar.
A poem written while sitting outside.
A poem about my friends.
A poem about who I love and why.
A poem about my journal.
A poem that is a letter to somebody famous.
A poem that is a letter to anybody.
A poem that is a letter to everybody.
A poem about how scared I am.
A found poem from an advertisement.
A found poem from t-shirts sayings.
A poem about my pen.
A poem summerizing somebody else's fiction.
A poem about rain.
A poem about windows.
A poem about how I have no more poem ideas.
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