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mum, apparently, is no longer the word

well, um, chase liked it.
so here goes?


Yellow is my favorite color.
I hate it when it rains, and
money is important
Of course I think you're pretty. In fact,
I like everything you do.
I like it when you rub my back, or turn off your phone,
or wear your hair like that.
I love you.

I never miss a shot, and
if all the accordions in the world vanished,
never to be replaced,
I would be heartbroken.

The cat knocked over my mother's
clay owl, perched in pieces on the stairs,
and I've never opened a sand dollar
to find out what's inside.
I am allergic to chocolate.
I always clean up after myself;
Farewell to Arms is my favorite book
For all I know, denial
may very well be be a river in Egypt.

Ernest Hemingway dedicated his life
to the "true sentence,"
so I wrote these for spite.

I hope you don't mind.
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